The Royal Standard 1903

The Royal Standard 1903

The Royal Standard is a traditional pub located in the charming village of Upwey on the outskirts of Weymouth, Dorset. The small, friendly atmosphere is a favourite with locals and new customers alike. It is renowned for serving a selection of real ales and is recognised in the 2014 CAMRA Good Pub Guide.

With a long and distinguished history in the village, the pub has been actively researched by the Landlord who is keen to discover the heritage that make the Royal Standard so special.

The Royal Standard - A journey through time

The landlord & landlady Andy and  Tricia Williams have spent quite a bit of time researching the history of the pub both as a pub and the building itself and has compiled some fascinating insights. Check back soon as we hope to have some of this history here in the near future. In the meantime you will find some old images of the building and former landlords and landladies below.

Alice and Teresa Langford that run the pub from 1903 until 1914
The Royal Standard 1982
The Royal Standard 1903
Landlord: Arnold Andrews 4th Nov 1955 - 4th November 1966.